First Things First

This app is a companion for David E. Kiefer's Greek textbook, First Things First. It contains flashcards for all of its vocabulary, organized by lesson. Portions of the purple reference section at the end of the book are also included.

In addition to studying the terms and forms like flashcards, you can view them in a searchable list. This is a great way to find the definition of a word quickly, using the exact definition you studied! For the most benefit, install a Greek language option for your keyboard.

The number of occurrences in the New Testament for each flashcard is built into the app. It can quiz you on the most common words and forms first, concentrating on them until you learn them before moving on to less important ones. To study this way, select the Tutor method within the app.

The words, definitions, and many of the frequencies come from First Things First: A Prioritized Introduction to Reading and Understanding the New Testament in Greek, copyright 2002-2012 by David E. Kiefer. Used by permission.

This app is powered by FlashTutor, also available for Android devices. Contact if you find problems with the app, would like to make a suggestion, or if you would like to package your own flashcards into an app to sell on the market.

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