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Find the speed of anything! This app is a tool you can use to find the speed of any object, as long as you know the distance it travels. There are three modes; each one takes more effort but increases accuracy:

    • Live: In Live mode, you simply use the app as a stopwatch. Enter the distance traveled during that time, and it tells you the speed. This mode is great for quick estimates when exact timing is not crucial, such as a foot race, or a full lap of a car race.
    • Two Frame: The principle here is the same as in Live mode, but instead you record a video of the moving object. Step through the frames of the video to tell the app exactly when it crossed the start and end points. This mode allows you to take more accurate readings of faster objects.
    • Six Point: Requires the most effort, but gives you the most accurate results, especially for high speed objects. Step through video frames just like the Two Frame method, but then mark the moving object and the start & end points on both frames. Pinch and zoom to be exact. For proper accuracy, the start and end points should be near the object's, but they do not need to be exact. Use this option for things like a baseball pitch or tennis serve, where the ball starts above and in front of the mound or service line.

Save recordings to perform the measurements, review, or show off later! You can customize the units for both distances and speeds.

If you find any bugs or would like to make any suggestions, please email support@simontonsoftware.com. Also inquire if you have any custom software needs.

Known Issues:

    • If you turn your screen off or otherwise navigate away from the app while on the recording screen, it may change to the home screen when you return with an error saying "Fail to connect to camera service." Assuming no other app is using the camera, you can simply return to the recording screen and things should work normally.
    • When using the mp4 recording format, stepping through the frames of a video does not work on some devices. On some others it is very slow. There is no intended fix for this issue; please switch back to the tfv format instead.
    • Mp4 frames are sometimes blurred or garbled. Sometimes switching to another frame and back helps. The tfv format does not have this issue.

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